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Film, TV & Music

This is a specialist industry and we can assist with those who work in this sector.

We offer a personable service where we are always available via phone or email for individual queries. This may involve dealing with multiple sources of income, periods of no work, and what expenses are allowable to claimed for tax purposes.


We offer a comprehensive service which covers preparation of the accounts and the Accountants Report which is submitted to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

We also offer a “health check” service where we can ascertain whether your firm is in full compliance of the Solicitors Accounts Rules.

Self assessment

As you would expect, Accura Accountants Limited’s focus on tax compliance services is to deal with the routine matters efficiently, promptly and cost-effectively, leaving you to concentrate on the more important matter of running your business.

Accounts Production

Every company or business is required to produce a set of accounts annually for presentation to its shareholders or owners and to HM Revenue & Customs.

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