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2020 Tax Return Form

Please complete the following Tax return checklist form to enable us to complete your 2020 Tax Return.


  • When selecting "Enclosed", please attach a relevant document at the end of the form, or a spreadsheet that has the relevant details.
  • If the relevant file was recently provided to Accura, then please select "Enclosed", and mention in the "Additional Comment" box below.

Personal Details

Note: Selecting option "No" in the below set of titles will automatically select "N/A" to all questions under the respective title.

Income From Employment & Self Employment

Such as: P60, P45, P11D, Self-Employment Accounts

Yes No

Earnings, salary, fees, bonuses, statutory sick pay etc

Benefits in Kind

Income from Self-Employment

State/Occupational Pension and DSS Benefits

Such as: State Pension, Private pension, Retirement Annuity

Yes No

State pension received in the period 6 April 2019 - 5 April 2020

P60 for private pension from personal pension plan or former employer

Pension from personal pension plan, retirement annuity contract, free standing Additional voluntary contribution scheme, armed forces, war widows

Investment/Rental Income

Such as: Rentals, Dividends, Interest, Trust

Yes No

Income from letting of property in the UK (or abroad) together with details of all Expenses incurred (certificate of mortgage interest paid required)

Certificate of interest from all investment accounts with Banks, Building Societies, Post Office Savings, National Savings Certificates/Bonds etc. Also interest distribution from UK authorized Unit Trusts

Dividend/interest counterfoils in respect of income from stocks and shares, dividend distribution from UK Unit Trusts and scrip dividends

Full details of any income from abroad, overseas pensions, benefits, foreign companies, savings institutions, off-shore funds, trusts abroad, land and property Abroad, together with full details of expenses or gains on foreign insurance policies

Trust/Settlement Income received or documents relating to any other investment income, i.e. from life insurance policies Contract for life annuities, maintenance payments received


Such as: Pension Contribution, Gift Aid, Trade Unions

Yes No

A note of contributions made towards retirement annuity contract/ personal Pensions policies, together with pension contribution certificates

Contributions to widows and orphans schemes, Trade Unions, Friendly Societies and Free standing additional contributions

Payments to charities and gift aid donations, deeds of covenant

Subscriptions for Venture Capital Trust or under the enterprise investment scheme

Capital Gains/Inheritance Tax

Such as: Purchase/Sale of assets (ie. Property, Shares, etc) Large gifts

Yes No

Sale / Purchase of property, completion statement required

Sale / Purchase of Investments, such as Sale of Shares

Details of any transfer of cash, including gifts made or received

Claims for Allowances/Further Information

Such as: Student Loan, Child Benefit, Allowances

Yes No

Blind Person Allowance

Student Loan Repayments

Any child benefits claimed?

A note of Jobseeker's allowance, invalidity allowance and incapacity benefit paid to you


UK Outside UK

The country in which you consider yourself to be domiciled

How Would You Like To Receive Your Tax Return For Approval?

If you are unable to attach relevant documents, please do send these in the post to us in the normal way.

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