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Accura Accountants – Update Furloughed staff

With reference to my earlier email, I have decided to now request information from all clients ( that have or are about to “Furlough “ their staff ) that wish Accura Accountants to assist with the submission.

Please provide definitive details of which staff are being furloughed and as and when the HMRC portal is ready we will have the information pre prepared.

Accura Accountants process a number of client’s wages records (either weekly or monthly) and do have details of HMRC reference numbers of the schemes.

It is ESSENTIAL that you notify your own staff members and also receive their acceptance of their change of circumstances and most importantly staff should not work for employer during the furloughed period.

Please note that although references have been made in the media to 80% of £2,500  per month, the grant is 80% of £2,500 capped or 80% of present gross income.

This must be included within normal PAYE /RTI declarations and NI payable by employer should be paid  as was normal pre Covid 19.

I will address the position with regards payment of PAYE and National Insurance in my daily summary and will report and how clients should deal with outstanding monies due to HMRC.

If Accura Accountants do not prepare your wages, then please read carefully my advice and start to prepare the schedules to reflect potential claims.

If clients wish Accura Accountants to prepare and submit claims in due course, please email through your request and provide details as noted above.

We will calculate and advise on the anticipated costs.

Be safe  

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